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Puyallup Kiwanis FOUNDATION


The purposes of the Puyallup Kiwanis Foundations are to assist vocational excellence through scholarships; to aid persons with special needs to maintain happy, useful lives through funding organizations providing services or completing research to benefit people with special needs; and to provide funds to support organizations which provide services to 'at risk' youth. Our target market is Eastern Pierce County with primary emphasis on the greater Puyallup Community and the surrounding Puyallup Valley area. Exceptions to the target market will be made on a case by case basis.



Some benefactors of the Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation grants are: ~Mel Korum YMCA ~Friends & Servants ~F.I.S.H. Food Bank ~NW Medical Teams Dental Van ~Canine teams of the Puyallup Police Dept and Pierce Co Sheriff's Dept. ~Salvation Army ~Puyallup Play Care ~St. Francis House ~Playground enhancements ~Helping Hand House And many more!



Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible. All unrestricted gifts to the foundation will go into the general fund of the Foundation and will be invested. Grants are made from the income generated from these donations and are made in accordance with the general guidelines of the Foundation. If you have a plan to create a perpetual endowment, such as a scholarship, or to make an annual donation to a charity, contact the Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation. When the board accepts the endowment, they invest the donation. The earnings from those investments will be donated in accordance with your specifications.


The Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) corporation that provides support to various activities and organizations that benefit the community of Puyallup and the surrounding area. Our highest emphasis is the youth of Eastern Pierce County. Generous donors have already created college scholarships for students at Puyallup, Rogers, Walker, Emerald Ridge, Sumner, and Cascade Christian High Schools. Except for the endowments given to the Puyallup Kiwanis foundation for specific purposes, such as scholarships, most of the funds awarded by the foundation are on a "one time" basis. The Foundation works on the premise that it serves best by assisting solid local projects that require "start up" or "seed" money. The Foundation may receive, manage, invest and disburse conditional or unconditional gifts as may be proposed by the donor and accepted by the Foundation.

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