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Puyallup Kiwanis FOUNDATION

Foundation Grant Request Guidlines

Foundation Grant Request Guidlines

Puyallup Kiwanis FOUNDATION

Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation - GRANT REQUEST GUIDELINES

If an organization/individual would like to request a grant from the Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation, they should put together a “Grant Request” which includes the following basic information:

1. Identity of the requesting entity (non‐profit corporation, school district, service club, etc.);

2. The purpose for the request and details on how the proposed grant will benefit the community (i.e. – educating youth, serving the aged and handicapped, preserving the environment, helping out families or students, etc.), and generally state what the fund request would be used for;

3. Specifically identify whether or not this is a specific project or whether this is an ongoing expenditure of the organization (i.e., a budgetary item);

4. Discuss other fundraising efforts being done by the organization/entity, including, if available, what other foundations, organizations, individuals, etc., have donated to the project and in what amounts. Also describe what in‐kind donations have been made or are expected, and at what dollar value, as well as the status of the fundraising effort (i.e., $100,000 goal with $63,500 raised);

5. Deadlines or time periods that are important (i.e., when the monies are needed, is a pledge sufficient or is a check needed and by when; would the grant be one that could be paid for over a period of months or years, etc.);

6. Provide a copy of the non‐profit organization/entity’s latest year‐end financial report, if available.

7. Finally, the total amount of the grant request.

These are “general guidelines” of the Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation. If your entity meets these “general guidelines” and is interested in pursuing a grant, please complete the detailed “Application for Grant” form and return to: Foundation President, c/o Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation, PO Box 451, Puyallup, WA 98371. The Foundation Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month. A grant request should be received at least two weeks in advance of the meeting, if not more, so it can be circulated as appropriate by the Foundation Secretary.


P. O. BOX 451



All applications for funds to the Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation should be made on the attached application form. The original and one copy should be provided.

It is necessary that each grantee applying for funds agree to provide certain uniform statistical data, as well as other reports and information deemed essential to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of Foundation funds.

Please note copies of the following documents must accompany this application:


(1) If the requesting organization or group has sought and obtained an Internal Revenue Service classification under Section 501 (c) 3, (non-profit organization) or Section 509 (a) (non-private foundation), a copy of these letters should be attached.


(2) Current financial statement, group budget or proposed budget. Furnish only that portion pertinent to the grant request.


(3) Resume of group leader or person who will be in charge of this grant.


(4) List of membership.




The Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation seeks to support programs which meet pressing needs. Specific program areas to be funded are for charitable, scientific research, educational purposes or service to young children and youth.

As matter of general policy, the foundation does not make contributions for:


(1) Support of general operating budgets or organizational maintenance requests.


(2) Projects which are primarily or normally financed by public tax funds.


(3) Religious organizations or sectarian purposes.


(4) Basic research


(5) Endowment funds


The Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation will not normally make grants which are solely for the benefit of an individual. However, a specific allocation of a portion of the total funds available may be indicated for individuals through such avenues as scholarships.

The Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation confines its grant to the target area of eastern Pierce County with primary emphasis in the greater Puyallup community and the surrounding Puyallup Valley area.


Exceptions to the target area will be considered on a case by case basis. This secondary area, larger than eastern Pierce County, encompasses the idea of being of benefit to the citizens of our community. Granted funds that are unspent for the purpose of the grant are expected to be returned to the Puyallup Kiwanis Foundation.

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